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Vacuum brazing: Good to know – production and reparation of gas turbine components by vacuum brazing

Flying and land-based gas turbine components are heavily loaded and quite expensive. For this reason maintenance of turbine components is an important contribution to conserving resources and cost savings.

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Vacuum brazing: Good to know - vacuum brazing in mechanical and apparatus engineering

The shown hot water components are a typical example for a material efficient modular design. Components are assembled out of simple, well available pre-fabricates, which then are brazed to each other.

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Vacuum brazing: Good to know - reducing unit costs of plastic injection moulded parts

Producer of plastic injection moulded parts have the permanent challenge to reduce unit costs and to raise component quality. A conformal cooling of moulds and dies reduces cycle times and significantly improves dimensional stability of the plastic parts.

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Racing Season GreenTeam

The student race team GreenTeam of the University of Stuttgart looks back to a sucessful racing season 2015/2016. With the actual, electrical driven ...

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Listemann sponsors the Green Team of the University Stuttgart

From 0 to 100 km/h under 2 seconds! The Racing Team "Green Team" managed this last year and established a world record for electrically driven vehicles. This year Listemann will be involved and will support the current racing season.

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