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perfecting materials


Vacuum-brazing, inert gas brazing, high temperature brazing

Brazing enables the combination of different materials and properties in one component.

Vacuum brazing, in particular, offers the designer new design freedom. These enable new or improved functions with a high level of innovation. The modular design of components leads to simplified manufacturing processes and cost savings.

Inert gas brazing offers a supplement to vacuum technology if, for example, a high vacuum atmosphere is not suitable for the joining process because, for example, components or brazing alloys consist of materials with a high vapour pressure. Nitrogen, which is very inert and minimizes harmful oxidations, is usually used as protective gas.

Areas of application:

  •     Mould making
  •     Industrial plant and apparatus engineering
  •     Mechanical engineering
  •     Medical technology
  •     Aerospace
  •     Energy and environmental technology

  •     reproducible quality
  •     high strength, even at elevated operating temperatures
  •     no flux necessary
  •     large-area components can be joined
  •     various material combinations
  •     minimum distortion
  •     no oxidation and annealing colours
  •     hardening can be integrated in the process

Our offer:

  •     Prototype, small series and large series production
  •     Brazing and high temperature brazing
  •     Support of customer projects through design consulting and training 

Material groups: 

  •     mild steels, stainless steels, superalloys, pure nickel
  •     copper and copper alloys
  •     titanium and titanium alloys
  •     tungsten carbide, high-performance ceramics, cBN, & diamond

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