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perfecting materials

Energy & green technologies

Optimised material usage provides an efficient energy production

The materials- and process-know-how of Listemann can be implemented very rapidly into mass production

Highlights of the spectrum of Listemann services: 
Brazing of honeycomb seals; brazing of combustion chambers; plasma spraying and diffusion annealing of turbine blades; tempering of large gearbox components; etc.

Engine ready components: We can provide within the Turbine Component Network.

Contact Persons

Bernard Kuntzmann
Telefon: +41 52 245 18 51

Listemann Technology AG
Ober Au 38
LI-9487 Bendern
+423 375 90 10

Listemann AG
Sulzer Allee 25 
CH-8404 Winterthur
+41 52 245 18 50

Listemann Polska Sp.z o.o.
ul. BiskupiƄska 23
PL- 30732 Kraków
+48 12 6534 230
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