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Electron Beam Welding

Welding with outstanding properties.

Compared to conventional welding processes, electron beam welding offers completely new perspectives with regard to material combinations, workpiece geometries, welding depths, temperature degradation and manufacturing costs.

The high energy density allows the welding of all metals, even metals with high melting points, and the production of composite joints by welding different materials, e.g. steel and bronze or different steel alloys, e.g. quenched and tempered steel. Due to its outstanding properties, it is used in both individual and mass production and is suitable for microcomponents as well as for thick-walled large parts.

The possibility of welding critical, different materials or components with very different wall thicknesses opens up new functional and economic approaches in the design of a component.

Areas of application:

  •     Aerospace
  •     Power engineering (stationary gas turbines)
  •     Medical technology
  •     Industrial plant and apparatus engineering
  •     Automotive industry
  •     Sensor technology
  •     Vacuum technology 



  •     low energy consumption and low distortion due to very limited heat input
  •     vacuum technology enables oxidation-free joints and surfaces
  •     welding depths from approx. 0.02 mm to over 100 mm possible
  •     complex workpiece geometries with different wall thicknesses weldable
  •     large variety of material combinations
  •     high welding speeds and low process costs
  •     welding also possible in hidden areas (through cover plate or similar)
  •     long-term stability of beam generation and shaping


Our offer:

Our specialists will assist you right from the design phase with the creation of economical solutions using electron beam technology.
In addition to electron beam welding, we also offer additional manufacturing techniques such as subsequent heat treatment, brazing and metallographic and non-destructive testing.

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