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Vacuum brazing: Good to know - reducing unit costs of plastic injection moulded parts

Reducing unit costs of plastic injection moulded parts


Producer of plastic injection moulded parts have the permanent challenge to reduce unit costs and to raise component quality. A conformal cooling of moulds and dies reduces cycle times and significantly improves dimensional stability of the plastic parts. If the cooling channels have to be close to the cavity and have to follow the later plastic component geometry, a complex cooling channel design in all 3 dimensions is necessary, not feasible by conventional drilling. Here vacuum brazing offers completely new possibilities. The later mould is partitioned into different components, in which the channels for the temperature management easily can be machined by drilling and milling.

Afterwards the components will be metallurgical joined, gas-tight and firmly, by vacuum brazing to a functional unit. If space is limited to guide the channels to the surface area as requested, there is the possibility to metallurgical connect materials with good thermal conductivity to the tool. Brazing joint thickness is only about 50 mm. Therefore the good thermal conductivity – for example of copper – is almost completely usable. The brazing temperature is selected in the way that the hardening temperature enables a proper heat-treatment of the applied steel.   Therefore hardening of the tool can take place in the same process.  Apart from most cold- and hot-work steels, even powder-metallurgical und nitrogen-alloyed steels can be brazed and hardened.

Newest developments enable the brazing of hardenable copper alloys to each other or to steel. The past disadvantage of hardness loss can be largely avoided. With a special heat treatment about 90 % of the original hardness can be achieved again. Consequently the excellent thermal conductivity of the copper material can be combined with a sophisticated conformal temperature management.

Please note: Use vacuum brazing for gas-tight, strong and firmly bonded joints.


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